foto bioAuthor, singer and songwriter Giorgio Barbarotta was born in Treviso in 1972. He established the rock band Quarto Profilo in 1995 and recorded with it 4 albums. He started his solo career in 2003. He published the album “Schegge di vita propria” in 2005, “In centro al labirinto” in 2008, “Verso est” in 2009, “Snodo” in 2011, "Un fedele ritratto" in 2014, "L'arcipelago" in 2016. His music is an interesting combination of italian song-writing, rock-folk and blues.

The artist won the “Musicalbox” Indipendent Music Festival in Urbino as best artist in 2006 and the First Prize "Espressione Giovani" in Arzignano (VI) in 2012 and he received the Amnesty International Critical Prize in 2010. He participated in two editions of Italian Culture Week in Bosnia-Erzegovina in 2007-2008 and he performed at MEI in Faenza (RA). He has always had a restless on-stage activity, counting more than 500 live shows, including a ten-dates promotional tour from Beijing to Shangai in August 2009 and 2 tours in Austria (2010-2011).

In 2008 he took part in the double cd tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè titled “Duemila Papaveri Rossi” (Stella Nera publisher) singing “Fiume Sand Creek” and “Ho visto Nina volare”. In the same year, Barbarotta established, together with the bands Radiofiera and Manodopera, different collective musical-theatrical companies, which saw the collaboration of director-actor Mirko Artuso, painter Beppe Mora, Bubamara band, and singer-songwriter Erica Boschiero. In 2009 he participated in Leo Miglioranza’s album in local dialect titled “Ndemo xente”, produced by Officine Per Lo Spettacolo and Regione Veneto, writing and performing the song “Cansòn dei burci”. In 2011 two of his songs are in the compilation “Voci per la libertà” (Halidon / CinicoDisincanto) cd sponsored by Amnesty International. In 2011 he produced the Kupienda first album "Dove lo sguardo si perde" (GB Produzioni/Atracoustic). In 2012 he produced the DòStorieski (Alberto Cendron, Leo Miglioranza) first album titled "Osteria" (GB Produzioni).

After being awarded several prizes for his literary activity (among them the “Germano d’argento” in Arco TN),in 2007 he published the book “Tra le pieghe del giorno” (Vianello publisher), a collection of 150 poems and 9 short stories and in 2009 the book “Era Venere” (Happy Leader International publisher) a new collection of poems written both in Italian and Chinese. At present he offers a live performance featuring a five-elements band (voice, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar/flute, keyboards/violin).